Websphere… omg

I just had my first foray into getting a simple war running in a WebSphere application server. Wow – what a nightmare. Man I hope i never have to do that again… what a waste. Just awful.

What’s worse, because it’s so ironic, it’s a spring boot based app which runs perfectly with with ‘java -jar …’ using the embedded tomcat, or jetty, or undertow.


Please ! Stop using floating point numbers for financial data

Again and again I see developers using doubles for storing financial data (e.g. monetary figures, interest rates etc.). This always causes some sort of rounding issue down the line.

try this in your IDE:

double total = 0;
for (int i =0; i < 10; i++){ total += 0.1; } System.out.println(total); [/source] If you expect the answer to be 1 or 1.0, then you're wrong ! Question: are you writing a game ? Answer: no; then use an effing BigDecimal! Grrr...

MS Word for Mac – Hate the Toolbox

Is it just me or is the toolbox in MS Word 2008 for Mac ridiculously small (read: horrid). I’m battling with a document with many styles at the moment and am finding myself scrolling up and down, up and down endlessly in a scroll window that displays 5 styles at a time. I’ve got RSI just thinking about it.

On a lighter note – I’m lovin’ the new Ribbon concept in the Windows version. Who ever designed that deserves a pat on the back (and a big bonus). It takes a little getting used to but is just great when your up the learning curve.

If there is some friendly competition between the Word for Mac and the Word for Windows UI teams then I think the Windows team well and truly wins this round.


PS: If anyone knows how to increase the size of the toolbox or dock it please tell me how. Please – I’m dying here.