We only hire the best

I was recently having dinner with an acquaintance who works for a massive multinational IT company. He was telling me that at a recent company conference that, despite the economy, the CEO said the company was doing well because “we only hire the best”.

I almost choked on my steak, trying to contain myself. The sad thing was that he actually believed it. How come all companies that I’ve worked at only hires the best ? Surely all of them can’t have the best ?

Why do companies maintain this illusion ? Is it some sort of psychological trick so you don’t quit and join a company full of bozos ? Or do people at the top truly believe it, in some sort of paradoxical delusion ?

I don’t know, but it’s odd isn’t it ?

One thought on “We only hire the best

  1. I don’t have the answer, but I have seen the same.

    Another mystery is the claim to offer market rate or above market rate. How can they all make such an offer when they vary so much.

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