Please ! Stop using floating point numbers for financial data

Again and again I see developers using doubles for storing financial data (e.g. monetary figures, interest rates etc.). This always causes some sort of rounding issue down the line.

try this in your IDE:

double total = 0;
for (int i =0; i < 10; i++){ total += 0.1; } System.out.println(total); [/source] If you expect the answer to be 1 or 1.0, then you're wrong ! Question: are you writing a game ? Answer: no; then use an effing BigDecimal! Grrr...

2 thoughts on “Please ! Stop using floating point numbers for financial data

  1. But, before you go creating BigDecimals from doubles all over the place be sure to read the javadoc here.

    In summary – you would generally use:


    rather than:

    new BigDecimal(double) 


    • The point is: don’t use them, ever if you can avoid it. The are only approximations. All input should be captured directly into bigdecimals.

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